Critical Examination

Rhinoplasty Before And After Photographs РCritical Examination Of Many Aesthetic Situations 

A nose can be rejected by a person of both sexes, as crooked, as large in its entirety or only in some of its parts. A nose can be excessively long, “falling” due to an excessively nasolabial angle, (what is commonly called “pissing” in the mouth and which the Puritans convert into “peach” in the mouth, even if the image of pissing is more pertinent as it recalls the obvious association in psychoanalysis between the nose and the penis In the photogallery there is a synthetic introduction of the clinical case, the restoration project and the final result of the rhinoplasty.

The aesthetic aspect of the nose can also express a dysfunctional aspect, that is of a nose that does not breathe well, if it is true that aesthetics and function are two sides of the same coin. But not necessarily. A visibly crooked nose can correspond to an obstruction of the nasal cavity on the side of the convexity of the deviated septum, which underlies the deviation of the entire nasal pyramid, but it can also be that not, that there is no obstruction and that the complained respiratory deficit if coincidentally associated with septal deviation depends on other factors, vasodynamic, it is the most frequent case, for a chronic allergic phenomenology, or for alterations of other anatomical structures such as the nasal valves that do not allow a correct inspiration, especially under stress, or finally for hypertrophy of the turbinates, which are offshoots of a median bone of the skull base richly vascularized, with the function of swelling (with blood) if necessary, conditionally on the air, to reduce a too large nasal cavity and therefore cause turbulent motion of the inspired air, instead of laminar flow, resulting in chronic rhinitis. These aspects can be superimposed on partially consequent or dependent imperfections which in any case suggest a contextual solution.…