How Does The Face Change With Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a very common surgery that is performed to reshape the nose, both for aesthetic reasons, and to correct some aspects related to respiratory disorders. One of the most requested questions, however, is: how does the face change with rhinoplasty ? The nose is right in the center of our face and its shape can make a huge difference in our expression and also in the image we have of ourselves. It is precisely for this reason, in fact, that we turn to a surgeon: because we do not like the nose we have, it does not reflect us. Let’s see how a rhinoplasty changes, before and after.

Rhinoplasty: Before The Operation

Surgical nose reshaping is widespread, but it is still a surgery to watch out for. It is very important, in fact, to rely on expert medical personnel who will evaluate all the exams to be subjected to the patient and who must understand their needs. Rhinoplasty is performed both for purely aesthetic reasons and to correct functional imbalances. When the septum is also used, it is called rhinoseptoplasty . Before the operation, the surgeon not only examines your state of health, but carefully studies the shape of the face. Medical considerations will aim to get closer to the patient’s requests, without distorting their physiognomy. Having decided the shape of the nose together, we will proceed to the actual surgery.

Rhinoplasty: Immediately After The Operation

Over the years, rhinoplasty has made great strides and convalescence is increasingly painless. The first 48 hours are of rest, preferably with the head raised. From the third day, you can resume your normal life, albeit with some precautions, such as avoiding intense sports, saunas, hot drinks and exposure to the sun. It is in the first few days that the appearance of the nose can be intimidating, but it should not cause any concern. In fact, in the first 48 hours, swelling and bruising appear around the eyes. The nose is still covered with a small plaster, but it may appear more swollen.This effect is only temporary and absolutely not to be confused with the final result.After a week, the plaster is usually removed. At this point in the post-operative course, the nose may still appear slightly swollen, but it is destined to quickly gain the harmonious shape agreed between surgeon and patient.

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